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Hellvar is a relatively new band. We first started playing together 4 years ago, then as a folk-duett. We transformed a couple of times, but our resent setup is a 4-piece electro-rockgroup.Writing music and recording, playing gigs. Mostly having fun and experimenting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Confirmed tour to the U.S.A.

To Hellvar and Back-tour 2007
Hellvar is playing the following gigs in September. We will play with the Albany-based band called Zahnartz. This is the first time Hellvar playes anywhere but their home-bases Iceland or Berlin. The excitement is building up, as when this is written my plane is leaving in 12 days! Love, Heiða.

9.25.07 WAMC Northeast Public Radio, in Albany,NY
9.26.07 POINT 5, in Albany,NY
9.27.07 Peint O Gwrw, in Chatham,NY
9.28.07 Troy night out, in Troy,NY

Two gigs are booked in Iceland, next Friday and next Saturday:

9.14.07 Rjó gig in the new downtown Reykjavík venue called Organ
9.15.07 Rockville-festival in the incredible Paddy’s in Keflavík.
The Rockville-festival is a four-day event and looks like it is going to be great!


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